Mechanisms of Immune Control and Metabolomics

Across the globe, 37.9 million people are living with HIV (PLWH). With access to antiretroviral therapy, AIDS can be prevented, but the life expectancy for the PLWH is still shorter than in uninfected persons. They often suffer from age-related maladies, which diminish their quality of life.

Ujjwal Neogi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Virology, Karolinska Institutet and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Missouri, has worked to understand the immune-metabolic abnormalities in PLWH under therapy, which could be targeted by clinical or lifestyle intervention to provide healthy aging to PLWH. His lab uses a multi-omics systems biology approach to identify and understand mechanisms and biomarkers that could lead to a successful therapy or potential future clinical intervention for PLWH and healthy aging.

In this webinar, Metabolon’s Vinay Pawar, Ph.D., Field Application Scientist, and Dr. Neogi discuss some of the current work in Dr. Neogi’s lab, including that of COVID-19, and how metabolomics has helped to advance this research.

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