VES-LPHeader_1800.pngAnswering Common Questions About Metabolomics

Metabolomics can deliver new, actionable insights into systems biology, empowering biomarker discovery, and advancing research across the life sciences. However, as one of the lesser known ‘omics, many researchers do not yet fully understand how best to harness the full potential of these powerful data sets.

Join Metabolon, a global leader in global and targeted metabolomics, as we answer some of the most common questions asked about metabolomics and how researchers can incorporate metabolomic insights into their research. Kari Wong, Ph.D., Associate Director, Discovery & Translation Sciences, and Michael Fanelli, Business Development Executive – Strategic Accounts, Vinay Pawar, Ph.D., Application Scientist, and Paweł Gardzielewski, Ph.D., Business Development Executive, address your questions and offer valuable advice on how to ensure your study success.

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