Featuring Greg Michelotti, Ph.D, Annie Evans, Ph.D, and Kirk Beebe Ph.D.

Metabolomics, the large-scale study of metabolites within cells, biofluids, tissues or organisms, is the definitive representation of the phenotype, providing a real-time assessment of health, wellness and disease, whether influenced by genes, the environment, epigenetics, or the microbiome. Executed comprehensively, metabolomics provides life sciences researchers and drug developers with an integrative look at the functional state of a biological system, allowing you to quickly zero in on the biological insights and biomarkers that define health, disease and treatment response.

Far too often, however, researchers and drug developers fail to benefit from the full power of metabolomics because they employ an incomplete metabolomics solution – one with limited coverage and interpretability – that leave potentially transformational discoveries in the dark.

Watch to learn how the combination of metabolic coverage, competency, comparability and capacity can make the difference for your next research or development program.

4Cs of Integrative Metabolomics

Coverage: The ability to see and compare thousands of metabolites to reveal new insights and opportunities across diverse biochemical pathways.

Competency: The knowledge base, expertise and technical infrastructure to generate high-quality data, derive biological insights, to make actionable recommendations.

Comparability: The ability to compare the data of different studies, in different geographies, over time, among different patients, races and matrices.

Capacity: The ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost-efficiently to provide results when you need them.

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