VES-LPHeader_1800.pngMetabolomics and the Microbiome Revolution: Critical Innovations to Unlock Gut Microbial Function in Human Health

The microbiome is a critical frontier for today’s healthcare research, with more than $1 billion in venture capital invested in microbiome-based healthcare startups and $812 million in NIH projected spending in FY2020. While advancements in DNA sequencing in the last decade have generated vast amounts of data regarding microbiome composition, functional understanding of microbiota behavior and their interaction with the host remained elusive.

Today, more and more researchers are turning to metabolomics for deep insights into how the gut microbiome functions, interacts with the host, and influences an individual’s health, wellness, and disease, but cold-chain requirements have hindered widespread use of metabolomics in human studies.

In this webinar, we will explore how metabolomics enables a unique and critical understanding of gut microbiome function in vivo as well as how recent technical innovations help overcome cold-chain requirements and other challenges related to the collection, storage, and shipping of human fecal metabolomic samples.

During this webinar, you will learn about:
  • Novel and actionable functional insights in microbiome research
  • New breakthrough technology for in-home, self-collection of human fecal samples for metabolomics
  • Real-world case studies of metabolomics in clinical microbiome research

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