Nikole E. Kimes, PhD, President, CEO & Co-founder at Siolta Therapeutics

Eran Segal, Ph.D., Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science

Greg Michelotti, Ph.D, Scientific Director of Biology at Metabolon, Inc.

The microbiome offers a vast and mostly untapped diversity of chemical signals influencing normal development, disease, and even the response to therapeutics. As a result, the microbiome is attracting ever-greater attention from scientists in areas as diverse as nutrition, immunology, oncology, reproductive medicine, skin care, animal health and more. In fact, the rate of investment in microbiome-related research has been growing at a rapid pace, with future growth projections as high as 22% in the next 5 years. Despite significant investment in large-scale metagenomic sequencing conducted over the last several years, most researchers are still no closer to understanding underlying microbiome functional state and how it impacts health, wellness and disease. Join us to learn how leading life science researchers and drug developers have used the functional insights from untargeted metabolomics to decipher the complexity of the microbiome – unraveling “how” the organisms of the microbiome exert their influence on health.

Watch to gain an understanding of how untargeted metabolomics can answer pressing questions in microbiome research. Specific topics will include:

  • The foundational value of metabolomics for studying the microbiome
  • Essential components of Gold Standard metabolomics
  • Key strategies for achieving actionable findings
  • Researcher spotlight: Successful applications of metabolomics in microbiome research

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