Featuring Annie Evans, Ph.D

Annie Evans, Ph.D., discusses Untargeted Metabolomics in Feces, a Functional Readout of Gut Microbial Activity in this 30-minute presentation. During the presentation, she discusses the direct correlation between microbiome functional status and current state of health. While microbiome sequencing can capture the composition of microbial species, it is not equipped to provide information into how those microbes affect the host. Analyzing fecal material using untargeted metabolomics provides that link, as it can identify the metabolites that mediate the host microbe interaction.

Listen for insights into two recent studies that combined metagenomic sequencing with untargeted metabolomics. The first study identified biomarkers for patient responders to checkpoint inhibitor therapy in metastatic melanoma patients. In the second example a metabolite-based intervention strategy was identified which ameliorated post-dieting weight gain. Both studies highlight the power of untargeted metabolomics to identify phenotype-mediating and actionable discoveries of microbial action.

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