VES-LPHeader_1800.pngUnderstanding Viral Infection & Optimizing Vaccine Development with Metabolomics

In the wake of the escalating global COVID-19 pandemic, the need for rapid development, mitigation of risks, and clinical success to attract new rounds of funding has never been greater.

Join Metabolon’s Brian Keppler, Ph.D., Director, Discovery & Translational Sciences, for our webinar: Understanding Viral Infection & Optimizing Vaccine Development with Metabolomics. During this event, we will discuss virus-mediated infectious disease and how metabolomics can lead to a better understanding of mechanisms underlying vaccine-induced responses and their effects on the prevention of infection or disease.

During this webinar, you will learn about:
  • Metabolite profiling is well-suited to identify key biochemical components influencing viral reproduction in host cells.
  • Metabolomics can inform on several biological processes relevant to infection and has contributed to efficient vaccine production strategies, which can be leveraged to improve the production of other viral vaccines and biologics.
  • In interrogation of the metabolome can provide avenues to understand host response to the virus, treat infection, lessen symptoms and identify predictive metabolite signatures of degrees of sickness across various age ranges.

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