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New to Metabolon?

Get a Demo Sample Handling Kit

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started with Metabolon for world class metabolomics analyses and interpretation, we offer new customers the option to receive an example sample kit.

Sample kits contain everything required to get your samples prepared, categorized, and ready for shipping to a Metabolon laboratory. When your order is confirmed, a full sample kit is sent directly to you to assist with fast and convenient sample management. 

This demo sample kit contains everything you would receive in your full sample kit, with additional resources to explain how to complete your digital manifest and standard shipping procedures. 

What's included:

  • Sample Tube Types (Solid, Liquid, Cell)
  • x1 Sample Manifest Template
  • x1 Guide: Using Our QR / Barcode Scanner
  • x1 Guide: Sample Handling Kit Information
  • x1 Guide: Sample Preparation and Shipping Procedures
  • x1 Guide: Completing Your Digital Sample Manifest
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*Note: Each request is reviewed on an individual basis. In some rare instances we may not be able to send an example sample kit to your location prior to receiving your booking. 

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